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Engaging with the motoring public

Our clients issue Parking Charge Notices where parking rules have been breached. Unfortunately many of these parking charges remain unpaid, not because the motorist cannot pay, but as in most cases, because motorists have been led to believe that they don’t have to pay an outstanding parking charge. The web is rife with forums advising the unsuspecting motorist that PCNs are not enforceable and that if the motorist ignores the notices sent out to them then the process will end and the charges will go away.
Other online advice will state that the parking charges are not legally enforceable. This advice is not only untrue, but also harmful to its target audience, leading law abiding motorists into situations where they are faced with court claims processes, solicitors fees and additional costs over and above the original parking charge.
These sometimes well-meaning, yet unscrupulous websites do not often provide accurate information such as the outcome of a recent landmark supreme court case: ParkingEye v Beavis, which was heard by The Supreme Court on the 4th of November 2015, where judgement was passed which proved that Parking Charge Notices are not only legal but also enforceable through the courts.
Please see this link for a summary of the Judgment:
We seek to engage with the motoring public, to educate and advise on the legitimacy of parking charges, so as to assist motorists to avoid unnecessary costly court processes.

Providing a streamlined approach and robust route to court

On behalf of our clients we seek to recover outstanding parking charges by means of court proceedings. With the aid of our partner solicitors we offer a streamlined and cost effective route to court. Evidence can be collated electronically and the hard work of putting a case together is taken care of as part of the service. Our success rate is second to none and will help create compliance at the point where motorists enter the car park.
Where large sums are outstanding we are also able to facilitate high court enforcement through one of our Enforcement partners.

Customer service

From our call centre services to online reporting facilities, you and your clients have full access to our helpful staff along with an online portal to monitor our performance.

We seek to communicate with the public using plain English and simple terms in both written and verbal communication so as to be absolutely clear in providing the most suitable solution to any situation.

Tracing services

As our name would suggest we offer tracing services to find the contact details of non-paying motorists. We use some of the biggest and most successful names in the tracing industry to find people.
We do however understand that in many cases it is simply a case of a motorist having moved house and in all cases we will seek to engage in dialogue before recommending any legal action.